Spiritual Programs

Sri Paramjyoti Amma Bhagavan Sarveshwarya Varam

In this programme, the Divine Avatars Sri Amma Bhagavan would bestow upon all their Divine Blessings. People who suffer from health problems (physical, psychological or any other) which they are unable to solve even after visiting the best doctors will get liberated from their suffering. Families who have given up hope for revival of life itself can witness their loved ones being healed in front of their eyes.

Sri Paramjyothi Amma Bhagavan 64,000 Pournami Deeksha

An amazing phenomenon was witnessed by the devotees on pournami days in the year 2018 across the globe. Sri Bhagavan’s image was immaculately seen on the moon. The process entails receiving abundant grace of Sri Bhagavan by way of deeksha from the moon. It is now a growing phenomenon.

Om Sri Paramjyothi Sarvadeva Build Yourself Build India Varam

This program is exclusively for the youth to empower themselves with higher level of consciousness. The future of India is dependent on the youth who are great in number. They have many challenges in the current scenario. Sri Amma Bhagavan passionately bless the youth to be creative, intelligent, courageous, beautiful, handsome and heartful.

Sri Paramjyothi Amma Bhagavan Mukti Moksha Sadhana Varam

This is an exclusive class wherein Sri Bhagavan literally makes you experience that you, as an individual person, are not the only person instrumental in all your successes. The concept of ‘I’ turns into ‘We’ as a realization. Mukti or Enlightenment is nothing but liberation from the acts of the mind which is essential for leading a meaningful life. Further, Moksha (liberation from the life itself) should be the ultimate goal of an individual to put an end to the sufferings perennially. One gets an insight into the right path for developing peace within oneself.

Sri Paramjyothi Amma Bhagavan Star Child Varam

In this special class, children get an insight to discover love towards parents. We help them to fully flower into human beings, which in turn help them to become true citizens of the world.

Stri Shakti Varam

A woman is the spiritual epicentre of her family. If a woman grows, her family grows resulting in growth in the society, the village or city, the district, the state, the country and ultimately leading to progress in the world.This process exclusively for women helps them in shift in consciousness, awakening to their dormant inner strength, activation of female energies, flowering of intelligence, becoming a loving mother and ideal wife and becoming a valuable asset for society.


Homa or Havan is the sacred fire ritual. It is a ritual of sacrifice made to the Fire God Agni. Homas are age-old sacred rituals to invoke and to propitiate various deities using the sacred fire as a medium for the attainment of various wishes and boons in the materialistic and spiritual worlds as well.Divine energies produced by chanting mantras during the Homa are transformed to other forms of Energy, which manifests as Miracles in the Physical, Psychological and Spiritual realms.

Thiru Kalyanotsava

Man’s marriage leads to self-prosperity. God’s marriage leads to Loka Kalyana.The Kalyan Utsav of Amma and Bhagavan is celebrated on 9th June every year across the length and breadth of the globe by all devotees. This auspicious day bestows great blessings for one and all who come together and celebrate the occasion. The childless are blessed with children, marital relationships get right, the unmarried get married and all our hearts desires are fulfilled by Sri Amma Bhagavan.

Laksha Thiri Karthika Deepotsavam

Deepa or Light symbolizes knowledge which is the greatest of all forms of wealth. Knowledge removes ignorance just as light removes darkness. Hence, light is worshipped as the Lord himself.Karthika Masam is the most auspicious and sacred month. During this month, traditional oil lamp is lit and worshipped in large numbers for the benediction of the Lord.

Sri Amma Bhagavan Janmadina Ratha Yatra

Ratha Yatra or Chariot festival is the procession of deities in a chariot accompanied by the devotees. This is celebrated on 7th March every year on Sri Bhagavan’s janmadina to express gratitude for the benediction.


Pushpayagam is a colourful celestial fete offering prayers to the Lord to save Mother Earth from natural calamities. This grand floral tribute to the Lord is preceded by a procession with bright ornamental flowers.