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The Moolamantra is a benediction from Sri Bhagavan Himself to all those seeking to end their suffering and to those aspiring to reach a higher spiritual state of bliss. Moolamantra means the source of everything. It has been observed that chanting or meditating on the Moolamantra with bhava (devotion) can actually enable a mystical experience, a divine awakening of the presence of Sri Amma and Bhagavan in the hearts of devotees. The mantra can be chanted in the form of Stuthi (praise) or as Aavahan (invocation) or in the form of Prarthana (prayer) at any time of the day.

The mantra EMBODIES the NATURE of GOD and CREATION as a whole, a simple and humble explanation of the profound sacred mantra is –

AUM : Behind creation immanent to all existence, you find hiding the sound and vibration “AUM”. This divine sound has the power to create, sustain and destroy; giving life and movement to all that exists.

SAT : The Supreme Being basically has two main aspects existence and consciousness (Sat and Chit). God in His aspect of SAT is Nirguna (quality less) and Nirakar (formless). He is the unmanifest God or the cosmic consciousness.

CHIT : Chit is the aspect of pure consciousness. Consciousness that is embodied with qualities.

ANANDA : This is the primordial characteristic of God, which is the greatest and most profound state of ecstasy that you can ever experience, when you relate to Him.

PARABRAHMA : The Supreme Being in His absolute aspect. The all-pervading entity.

PURUSHOTHAMA : After the Lord has created, even though the nature of God is formless, He decides to take a form so that He can relate closely to His creation. We call such a manifestation, an Avathara Purusha.

PARAMATHMA : Paramathma is the in-dweller who resides in the hearts of all His creation. He is also called the Antaryamin.

SRI : Prefix, that is used to express great reverence and respect to the Divine Avatar.

BHAGAVATHI : Bhagavathi or lovingly known as Amma is the feminine aspect of Bhagavan who is the embodiment of Love, Compassion and Power (Shakti).

SAMETHA : This means “Together with”.

SRI BHAGAVATHE : Bhagavan – the embodied form who has manifested in a physical form.

NAMAHA : Humble prostration at the Divine Lotus Feet